Consumer review of businesses in Cleveland Ohio

JJ’s grab & go On West 130th Street Anytime you use whatever type of credit card? I used to charge you $0.50 as they called a “transaction fee!” Now that you’re active up to $1.10 transaction fee. It is a merchant/owner of the store the pays for any all credit card fees not the customer!Continue reading “Consumer review of businesses in Cleveland Ohio”

On August 28th 2019 I took the plunge!

On that date I did something that I thought I would not even be able to accomplish! I started my own blog website! I’m still learning. In the beginning I almost abandon the whole thing. But I decided to just play it by ear! seat of the pants type of way to go. IContinue reading “On August 28th 2019 I took the plunge!”

So you want to start your own business?

First question to ask yourself is why? There is nothing easy about running a business. You have to be able to approach people. And you also have to know the right things to say! People want to be coaxed into doing something, This also applies to selling. How many times have heard people say:”someday I’mContinue reading “So you want to start your own business?”

What musical instrument did you want to play growing up?

My earliest recollection! My mom had three empty coffee cans and I want to take all three of them and a couple of paint brushes. And try to play in time with the music on the radio. It drove my Dad nuts! He always try to teach me how I should play the pretend drums.Continue reading “What musical instrument did you want to play growing up?”

Tailgating at Cleveland Municipal parking lot

When it comes to tailgating before football game? Considering city of Cleveland implemented the rules for tailgating before a browns football game in 2015. The tailgaters are still popping their beer top lids! I think it’s one of the most insane laws I have ever seen. What’s next? Gating the parking lot I’m going throughContinue reading “Tailgating at Cleveland Municipal parking lot”

Even to this day! The Ed Sullivan show still amazes me!

I would have to say that the Ed Sullivan show. Or is one of the best variety show to have come along in a long time! The various performers over the decades, the singers, the mini acting performances, the comedian’s, many balancing Acts. Both the black and white and color versions are still fantastic evenContinue reading “Even to this day! The Ed Sullivan show still amazes me!”

There’s talk again about a four-day work week!

Would a four-day work week be better for everyone? In in the seventies. There there was talk about a four-day work week. Working 10 hours a day either Monday through Thursday. Or having either Friday Saturday Sunday. Or have Saturday Sunday Monday off? What was the first round of time of the Arab oilContinue reading “There’s talk again about a four-day work week!”


Just about any kind or type of investing it’s easy to do. Especially nowadays with micro investing it’s even more easier to invest. If you learn the basics of investing? You’re that much further ahead! We all need to learn investing so that we can put our money to work instead of just we workingContinue reading “Investing!”

Is retail shopping going by the way of the dinosaur?

It’s kind of hard for me to believe that. Even though online shopping is cheaper than going into a brick-and-mortar retailer. I think there will always be a need for the consumer to get out of the house, go to the store, and feel the goods! Online shopping doesn’t have a lot of overhead asContinue reading “Is retail shopping going by the way of the dinosaur?”

Purdue files bankruptcy protection Could this snowball into something bigger? This this could either create and implement more pharmaceutical lawsuits? What what if the lawsuits get to much for drug companies? It it could be the elimination of other drugs that are addictive. Would it accelerate research and development all non addictive drugs? Do do pharmaceutical companies knowContinue reading “Purdue files bankruptcy protection”