Are you a leader? Or a follower?

Either you are your own person? Or you’re someone else’s? These are very important questions to ask oneself? We tend to follow what everyone else does for a few simple reasons? The need to belong, the need for acceptance, the need for fitting in. While we were growing up nobody ever told us the answersContinue reading “Are you a leader? Or a follower?”

The proverbial boss!

Like them? Love them? Hate their guts? Some of them can start out real nice but once they get to know you you’re screwed! Some have I’m education problem. Where they take their title I’ve been in charge of a department and get off on it in more ways than one! They think they canContinue reading “The proverbial boss!”

Tippinng! “?”

This is the most hardest part of having people assist / help you The word “Tip” means “To insure prompt service!”. IDK? About the rest of the world! But here in the US it’s the most biggest most misunderstood form of tipping there really truly is. A lot of people especially when it comes toContinue reading “Tippinng! “?””

Do you remember as a kid? Your mom trying just about anything and everything to try to get you to eat what she made for you?

Apparently even during my growing up in the baby boomer generation? My mom tried to make sure I was able to eat any green vegetables. She would take green peas I mix them into the mashed potatoes. When I came to Breaded fish sticks? She always put ketchup on them. When it came to spaghetti,Continue reading “Do you remember as a kid? Your mom trying just about anything and everything to try to get you to eat what she made for you?”

Do you remember the first time you had… “PIZZA?”

I was about 6 or 7 years old when my parents were able to afford a pizza making kit in a box. There was flour to make the dough, a long narrow can of pizza sauce, grated cheese. After my mom made the dough and spread it out on the cookie sheet, I put theContinue reading “Do you remember the first time you had… “PIZZA?””

When you’re young?

Anybody from the baby boomer generation pretty much have this thought in mind? Just landing your first job! Is a childhood dream come true! But then I ran into some turbulence! Otherwise known as the wife! I am just now picking myself up. When you’re young the last thing you ever think about is retirement.Continue reading “When you’re young?”

Smoking vs vaping versus e-cigarettes?

This is going to be such a very long controversial subject! We all know about smoking tobacco products. Do we really truly know anyting about vaping or e-cigarettes? I’ve heard so many people say why my grandmother smoke when she was age? My grandfather when he was smoked at age? I still believe in generalContinue reading “Smoking vs vaping versus e-cigarettes?”