Do you remember the first time you had… “PIZZA?”

I was about 6 or 7 years old when my parents were able to afford a pizza making kit in a box.

There was flour to make the dough, a long narrow can of pizza sauce, grated cheese. After my mom made the dough and spread it out on the cookie sheet, I put the pizza sauce ona and the grated cheese that came with it and put it in the oven temperature at that time was 350°. For about 22 maybe 30 minutes.

That was my first real taste of pizza!

A few months later Geno’s the people who are more notoriously known for their pizza rolls came out with their version of a pizza making kit.

Competitive! But not as good as chef boyardee pizza kit.

Chef boyardee also came out with frozen pizza. It came in 2 kinds cheese and sausage.

Then another brand of pizza making kit called Appian Way pizza came out with their kit. To the same!

In 1972! A new pizza place open up behind Caruso’s bar. La Roma Pizza.

I loved it!

Especially the deluxe pizza! A meal within itself!

Even at my young age I don’t think my parents really bothered to find out the nearest pizza place right down the street from us I don’t think they really bothered to find out how much their pizzas were?

Been about three decades later!

Even my mom loved it! I can remember just about every Sunday afternoon just before the browns game on TV. My mom would have me jump in the car at the time Pizza hut restaurants were at such a great distance but she couldn’t care less! She wanted a large super supreme Pizza hut pizza she bought it she got it!

I tried Pizza hut pizza!

Little did I know that even in the 70s on word! Pizzas can be made it home. And it has much toppings of whatever you want on your pizza.In the later years there were some pretty decent size pizzas in the grocer’s freezer. Some if not most of them were cheap but good! I noticed national and regional Pizza change breeze into town they put the toppings on their Pizza just right! But then after a while they El cheapo on their customers!

I don’t think we really lost our appetite for pizza after all these years. We just want more variety from our pizza place.

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