What has this virus brought?

We we are taking this virus more seriously than we have herpes AIDS or any other virus?

In most grocery store? We now have to distance ourselves at the lease to shopping cart lane from each other.

Basically hair styling places has been shut down!

What was a myth is now becoming a reality for us!

In general!
it has either increasing up on torch to employment?
so that current employers can hire new employees at a much lower wage?

Or it has increased business hours in general food delivery?
what is these businesses are increasing employment and hiring much lower wage workers?

And if so how long are the lower wage workers will last?

or is this just another form of temporary employment?

Are businesses really truly helping with this virus economy!

Either way!
In general business has excessive weight to the US ec clearly.
Clearly it does Prove? The that business is looking at only to appease the shareholders not the backbone of each and every business in the USA.

Unfortunately; there are many other businesses the same way!

This virus has regenerating an old saying?
“Employees I own you!”

See what our moms and dad left us?

COVID-19 Consumer Warnings and Safety Tips | Federal Communications Commission


Always in situations like this. There will always be someone either working or skulking around the corner trying to figure out the ways and means in order to scam connive and chive and flat out lie to people just to make a buck.

They will also what’s called “spoof” phone numbers. To get you to think it’s a government employee when it is not!

As you can see there will be people who has a 2 with emails send emails to strangers but some do stuff to the cracked into our inbox. They do the same when it comes to phone numbers.

Unfortunately for the past few years! A lot of businesses and individuals will block their name but you will see on your caller ID only the phone number.

what I do in that case if it’s a phone number I am not familiar with?

I left a voicemail handle it and then I’ll figure it out should I call or not?

Very simply! It’s your phone! Not theirs!

It’s a damn dirty shame! We live in a world of humans are somewhere like trail mix granola fruit and nut!

Cleveland Heights officer tests positive for COVID-19


With the covid-19 19 virus.

I’m seeing too many reports laying all different types and kinds of print.

The names all people who have the covid-19 virus is being reported

I think at this point in time. I would much rather be a statistic then have my name printed as one of the people who have the virus.

Because with the covid-19 virus going around? It stopped short of claiming a person has the bubonic plague,. typhoid fever.

Nobody wants that

as any and all news media’s have already in their own weird-ass way?

Have morals demonstrated shown and implemented how much of a heart mind body and soul they really do have!

Nothing more nothing less than a shell. Of what they really truly could be!

They do not respect an individual’s privacy!

It’s all for the ratings! Ratings mean more advertisers more advertisers mean more money!

How far will this go?

If you really truly think about this?

It could be another way of reducing the population of the Earth.

But as far as the news media is concerned?

Kraverie! But you know and see and hear of no boundaries, limitations, privacy!

Clearly they have no conscience apathy or empathy as well as no shame!

I must be a narcissistic Magnet!

As far back elementary School.

As far back as my classmates I found that even be to have the humble beginnings of narcissism.

The best slash or worst of them all for the kid named Danny Rayburn.

He hated me since the first day of kindergarten.

I said or did nothing at all to him to provoke antagonize harass me.

Even in later years he’ll call me some childish ignorant stupid name thinking that’s his way of getting back at me because he claimed that I stole his phone from them!

If you had contained his dog he wouldn’t be running loose!

Another one was in junior high school.

I have some spark plug decals.

When it was his turn when she was the last person in line I ran out.

To get back at me he would harass and antagonize me just so he can get attention from me.

Then! I married the wrong girl she came from a dysfunctional narcissistic family and then it up being the family whore!

funny things you can think of the get my attention that did not matter what it is how she did it all she was concerned about is getting attention from me.

Even after many jobs I worked at there was always somebody who suffered from narcissism

Does not matter who it be subordinate or management.

My nephew’s girlfriend use me to reunite with my nephew.

man she should start our own business the family and home worker LLC.

I have not ever and all my life! Felt so very strongly as I do about my nephew.

He’s got more medical problem but yet with all the illegal drug use he sucked down over the years.

He still expects conventional medicine to cure any of all of his ills in later life.

The interesting thing about narcissists?

They cannot sense or detect another fellow narcissist at all!

But because they cannot send her to check a song narcissist take it ripped off skin scam in more ways than one by one of their own fellow narcissist.

Unfortunately even parents don’t know when what’s a 2 seed of narcissism was planted?

It was during their toddler years yanwen kids around those top of your make noises to try and draw attention to themselves

and at that point if they think you’re not getting enough attention from anybody let alone their mom and dad sister brother?

That’s where the seat of narcissism control any weed known to man!

Anybody for a Corona?

It’s been close to a month!

Since the name change from coronavirus. To covid 19!

Just now the media is getting around to calling it covet 19?

So much for high-speed high feed technology.

Grand this is one virus that cannot make fun of.

What’s the best rumor I ever heard so far today is?

You cannot get the coronavirus by drinking Corona beer!

And this massive Run on toilet paper?

because America is not the world believes anything and everything that comes down the pike!

Back in the seventies!

During the Arab oil embargo. During Johnny Carson’s tonight show monologue one night.

He said there was also another shortage?

“Toilet paper”!

Now just because Carson drink is monologue said that there’s a shortage of toilet paper the news media caught on to it!and doing what the news media can only do take the tiny things and exaggerate them and run them into the ground!

people are now using toilet paper and if they cannot find toilet paper they’re using paper towels for homemade surgical mask (s)!

There’s a problem with that?

it doesn’t matter how thick your surgical mask maybe?

Deadpool always have gaps along the side of the bridge of your nose your left and right side of your cheeks and your chin.

The only thing good about creating a economically design face mask is?

You won’t be too far to blow your nose!

The next rumor is using apple cider vinegar.

That cannot be no closer to Ally than it is far away from the truth.

I’ve also heard another rumor stating that the covid19 virus is actually SARS!

For what it’s worth!

And of course anytime there is a virus such as this!

businesses won’t pop up from out of nowhere making so many outrageous claims nothing medically or scientifically to back up these outrageous claims.

Until science and the medical industry comes up with something to solve this covet 19 virus?

With people bring told to stay inside.

It’s a lot better than what the people in China are going through!

The Chinese government is welding shut the front doors in order to keep the tenants contained.

We have a few options before us?

We can either go around or normal daily routine and always wash your hands at least up to our wrist twice a day or more!

try to restrict our exposure to the outdoors and the places we go to?

Or to live like hermits?

There is a lot of reasonable as well as panic decisions we all have to make if you seen the number of precautions each and every state is taking because of the covid19 virus.

It’s like taking a multiple-choice quiz.

There is no right or wrong answer. For the chest close to the right answer as we can get. Not any and all news media’s I know which end is out at this point in time.

“All for the sake of ratings!”

not every news media will thoroughly report the story due to time constraints and also trying to maintain the viewer’s attention.

“We all are our own editor!”

Be careful of your own family

I had an interesting encounter messenger this past weekend.

It was one of my nephew’s girlfriend.

She informed me that both of them split again!

I did not bust a move or hit on her none with Weber contrary to what she tells him.

What did she do she trained and accuse me of cheating on her.

I did none such a thing none whatsoever!

Did my nephew ever bother to look into the situation?



She used me for her to be reunited with my nephew!

I think it would do the same thing as well with her being 52 years old working at such a low-wage job!

I’ve got her game plan figure it out from the first time we met!

This is where the letters DTA!

Become somewhere between a reality to an absolute Rock solid fact!

Not even the people outside the bloodlines!

The benefits of being single

Being single

After reading this article.

There are some things I happen to notice by myself all things considered after what I have gone through an all my 60 plus years.

Being single does give you a lot of time to think about yourself, concentrate on yourself.

Don’t get me wrong!

When you have somebody in your life. Your thoughts move away from yourself to that someone in your life.

You also start thinking about and kind quality and content either of your current friends or future friends down the road.

It is very important that we do choose what friends we want to in life other than just somebody to hang with!

I think this part about choosing friends mostly comes from the time when we start to try to find people that we can get along with. And this is stayed with us for quite some time.

So nice we spend more time alone we concentrate on ourselves mostly.

And thereby we can break down the kind and type of people we want to be with even when it comes to that special someone in our lives that can make all the difference in the world rather than rush rush rush got to find somebody ASAP posthaste!



Macy to close 125 stores

Macy’s to close 125 stores

Ever since the internet.

brick-and-mortar stores do have to move away from the brick and mortar stores to online shopping.

Obvious reasons prices are lower and they give the consumer the choice of either picking you up at their favorites store location? Or they have the items shipped.

if you remember the 80’s song by the group ruggles and video killed the radio Star?

The internet is killing a lot of brick and mortar stores!

The old board of directors that are still serving on to this day!

Refuse to believe that the internet is more powerful then anything in the world!

Great example RadioShack, the original hostess!

And there are people still on to this day!

These are the same people that when Reagan became president!

They believe what was the world and the clock has stopped for them and them alone!

I was at One Good neighbor pharmacy location.

Pharmacist are the ones that know more about meds then any doctor does!

These pharmacist at the Good neighbor pharmacy location! They lost it in more ways than one!

they stock their shelves as if Reaganomics is still in effect on to this day!


obviously this Good neighbor pharmacy location relies on profit being made from people who want their prescriptions filled nothing more nothing less!

unfortunately there are people going through this day who still believe nothing has changed for them.


The two most dreaded phrases you will ever hear from a CSR!

“I’m sorry about that!”  “I apologize for that!”

It’s been said even in the late 70s and early 80s!

Csr’s no matter what title a business may put them under.

Are nothing more nothing less than humanize computers!

Garbage an! Garbage out!

None of these csr’s or whatever water down tile a business cares to call them?

They are not at any time apologetic or sorrowful about anything!

Of course in this lifetime day and age?

Is anyone in the world? Apologetic / sorrowful about anyting?

No way no how!

And especially! When I come to businesses using outsourcing csr’s!


That’s when these outsourcing csr’s will give the customer conflicting responses in more ways than one!

A great and prime example of this is?


They’re outsourcing CSR don’t know which end is up they give such conflicting responses to CenturyLink customers!

CenturyLink from cells and their escalation team!

Would much rather stroke the customer than saw the customers problem!

Always ready to screw around with a customer as a customer doesn’t pay their bill in full and on time!

CenturyLink and businesses along those lines are only in business for one simple thing! “all for the money!”

CenturyLink is nothing more nothing less than a combination distributor affiliate of their internet phone service and DirecTV via AT&t!

Anna way? Csr’s are along the lines of lawyers!

The most expensive high-priced mouthpieces you will ever find!

Csr’s are most even grossly overpaid to do a very plain very simple comments on job!


And before you even talk to a CSR? The phone prompt will tell you: “this call may be recorded for quality and training purposes!”

What are gross exaggeration of the truth if ever!

When will business ever wake up from their self-induced stupor?

Or get their head or heads for that matter out of that certain body cavity that they possess!

5 years Away from my strange wife and am I happy!

Yes I am!

Before I even begin doing my combination of homework and research into narcissist / narcissism!

I did anything and everything I could to make her happy!

That was not the reason why she married a guy like me.

Because during her toddler yours that’s when the child beginning thing a narcissist being so mega hard up for attention!

She herself as just another basket case!

That’s the only reason why we eloped and got married

but from day one until the time we had what the police called a crisis intervention.

Anything and everything she thinks said or did?

Was all negative

Any what little positive things you did you might as well say either non-void or nowhere to be found!

what’s a narcissist doesn’t care about other people they believe in faking it but don’t make it

Through it all those 35 years?

I tried to love her the best I could unconditionally for who she is as she is

She cannot find it within herself to reciprocate none whatsoever because she was way too beyond obsessed, and feeding her narcissistic attention addiction.


Now I’ve been on my own for over 5 years she said she would be the one to file the divorce papers.

I’m still waiting but now that I’ve moved on in miles are away from her.

I’m starting to get settled in my new surroundings.

I don’t care what her and the kids think.

I only see the kids once a month I think that’s more than enough for me.

I happen to Google somebody when I was at the homeless shelter that I played Uno with at the time.

It’s hard to believe she lives within the area of apartments or I do!

Marin just trying to figure out how to handle it out of work at the couch or proceed so on and so forth in order to get reacquainted with each other.

Ever since I moved to another city?

Things are a lot different than they were in Cleveland Ohio vUSA.

I would have to say overall yeah! I  as happy as I can be